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Letty Sanchez serves as the Principal Consultant and Lead Business Strategist for AEM.  She brings over 20 years of experience in sales, leadership, operations and marketing with achievement in driving growth, performance, and profitability. She has a reputation as a change agent, repeatedly called on to lead teams to success through strong collaborative and decisive leadership skills. Letty held several leadership positions with AT&T as well as the private equity companies that purchased her division. She was responsible for $30 to $45 Million in revenue and was ranked within the top 3% of the company in each of her respective regions. 

During this time she met with thousands of businesses to discuss their strategies for success. She would routinely observe a high passion for their industry combined with low insight into business execution. Her methods across completely different industries proved successful again and again as she partnered to focus on solving their core business issues rather than focusing on selling products or services. Over the last 20 years she has had the honor of working with small to medium businesses from blue collar to white collar and all have had the same goals for their business: SUCCESS.  Some measured success through revenue, some through work/life balance, some through how much they could give back to their faith, family or community.  Whatever your goals, she is committed to creating a strategy for success.  "I have always understood the magnitude of the responsibility that I have for my business owners  and I will continue to hold that responsibility in the highest regard when we work together." -- Letty Sanchez, Principal Consultant, AEM Executive Consultants


Principally Located in Texas, Serving Clients Nationwide 

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